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Tips to Increase Your Website Loading Speed

websitespeedThe modern day web user hardly has time to stay on a single website long enough to take in information presented to them. This has made it that much more important to do whatever it takes to make the typical end user’s web experience fast and responsive. In this post, we’ll take a look at tips to help you increase your website speed and hopefully boost your conversion rates.

A fast website must use elements of web design to achieve a certain measure of flawlessness and intuitiveness. The first tip would have to be to use tools to ascertain the kinds of load speeds users experience while browsing through your website.

Some of the available analytic tools include the following:

  1. Pingdom
  2. WebPageTest
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights

You can also download a few of the commonly used websites and test your website’s speed out for yourself. You can use a stopwatch or smartphone timer and check how long it takes to open your website’s homepage using each browser. Some of the most commonly used browsers you should use include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera Browser and Internet Explorer.

downsizeAfter you’ve gotten the figures regarding the load speeds of various pages on your website, you can then start to tweak a few variables and use tools to boost load speeds. One such tool involves holding your static files in a cloud which uses a CDN. A CDN is basically a content delivery network system that allows you to distribute your website’s data through multiple servers thus increasing your website’s load time no matter the traffic. This enables a large amount of people to access your site without hiccups or having to deal with overwhelmed servers.

Optimizing your images is another way of ensuring that your web speeds aren’t compromised. For example, large images take longer to load compared to medium sized or small images. While images are useful on a website and may sometimes be vital in certain visually-oriented websites, they may eat up your site’s bandwidth and make it a difficult experience for your users who want to access information. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on quality even when you have to resize images. On such tool that you can use on your website is EWWW Image Optimizer, a WordPress plugin that boosts the quality of your images even after resizing.

Compressing your website with gzip will help increase your website loading speed because it reduces the size of a typical HTTP response. This basically means that that pages get called up faster than usual, helping cut down on the time it takes for servers to communicate with each other. Response time usually gets bumped up by about 70 percent, and it’s not that hard to do, as there are plugins and caching extensions that help with website zipping.

You can also switch off the plugins that you don’t use. This minimizes the clutter that your average web visitor has to deal with before accessing a page. This is because most of these plugins need loading different JavaScript and css files in order to work as they should. At the same time, your web visitors will appreciate the clean, minimalist design of your website in a sea of websites that contain various gimmicks which detract from content and make browsing through them a pain.

Lastly, you can minimize your website’s round-trip times, or RTTs, by combining your JavaScript files into one to minimize website requests. This can also be achieved by minimizing redirects, DNS lookups and avoiding CSS @import, which is basically programming code that your site can do without. All these are attempts to reduce the number of requests that your website has to make in order to serve up a webpage.

The internet is a large place, and competition for web users is on the uptick. As a result, doing whatever you have to do to minimize clutter and streamline your website to ensure your visitors are getting the best web experience will help you attract and retain traffic that you can later on turn into customers who will in turn cultivate loyalty to your brand, product or service.

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